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Katie Holmes Styled Her Spring Dress With a Practical Staple She Always Carries in Her Purse


Yesterday I headed into Soho with the intention of seeing Katie Holmes. And ever since she broke the Internet in a sexy cashmere Khaite cardigan and matching bra set, I always imagined she'd be wearing a cardigan when we finally crossed paths. I was right.

This time around, it was from Kate Spade's latest Fall collection, and instead of calling a cab on the streets of New York, she was wearing it while walking through a townhouse on Lafayette Street that was transformed into a Kate Spade presentation. The brand's spade logo covered the wall in bright blue wallpaper while models walked around with the brand's signature colorful playful dresses. Somewhere off in the distance, Emma Roberts was eating a Balthazar croissant in a matching plaid pink Kate Spade skirt set, complete with hot pink faux fur trim, while fashion editors sipped on cappuccinos over orange floral arrangements. Everyone was smiling, which is exactly what you do at a Kate Spade event. 

Holmes wore a bright yellow floral print dress by the brand and layered it with a thin cardigan that feels like the complete opposite of the one she made famous. While discussing the shift in seasons, having just experienced a 28-degree day in New York days earlier in the week, Holmes expressed how much she loves the simple pleasure of  layering. "My favorite thing about this collection is all of the creative layering, and for spring I always carry one of these in my bag", she told me while tugging at the thin, beige sleeve of her cardi. 

I've always preferred filling my bag with things I absolutely don't need: loose dog treats, receipts from late night bodega runs, pens I probably shouldn't have taken from The Odeon. Holmes, though, has made me see the error in my ways. Why fill up my bag with pretty trash when I could instead easily fit a lightweight cardigan to throw over anything when the wind picks up or the temperature drops? It certainly beats crumbs and loose cash, and there's no one I trust more with spring styling hacks than Holmes.

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