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Rag & Bone Launches “Quality Guaranteed,” Making Do and Mending Products for Customers


Peek inside a Rag & Bone sweater or pair of jeans and you’ll find the words quality guaranteed on the tag. “We’ve had quality guaranteed on the clothes for so long…maybe even since inception,” says founder and chief brand officer Marcus Wainwright over the phone from his house, where he has been social distancing with his family since New York’s lockdowns in March. “I think the benefit of quarantine is that everything’s slowed for a minute, and you’ve got this once-in-a-lifetime chance to take a step back and breathe for a second and see what was real and what was just being done out of habit.” 

Adding those words to Rag & Bone’s tags might have been out of goodwill for the first 15 years of the brand’s life, but now their message is very real. Today, Rag & Bone launches Quality Guaranteed, a new program that sees the label refunding or replacing products that don’t meet its standards. While the program does not represent full circularity—Rag & Bone is starting off by accepting merchandise that is defective—it is a step in the right direction. 

The idea to revamp Rag & Bone’s product guarantees during the coronavirus pandemic is born from a shift in Wainwright’s own habits—though surely he is not alone in reassessing the value of his possessions. “I began to really think twice, three times, before I bought anything, and I realized that I was only really prepared to buy things that were going to last. Those are the things that made me feel good. These are the things that made me feel safe, in a way,” he says. “Parlaying that into Rag & Bone, [it’s about] just having the confidence to say, ‘You know what? If we mess up and we deliver something that isn’t of the quality that we pride ourselves on, we’ll stand by it.’ In some ways, it’s a given in life these days that you can just return something, but on a spiritual level, it feels to me like that is a very important [reassurance] to have at the moment.”

By creating the program, Wainwright and his team hope to also reinforce that Rag & Bone products are built to last—and not just in terms of their craft of ruggedness. The brand was founded on principles of a timeless, essential wardrobe; garments that don’t swing with fashion’s trends or fickle cycles. The Quality Guaranteed program hopes to reassure shoppers, already wary of spending money on retail, that an R&B item is made to last in every sense of the phrase. “At Rag & Bone, the clothes that we make are not disposable; they’re not temporary,” Wainwright says. “They have a timelessness to them, which I think is more important now than it ever has been. It’s not really a reflection on the fashion industry necessarily, but I do wonder if we need as much as we have been thinking we need, not just in terms of clothes, but in terms of everything.”

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