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'We need to feel urgency': Arizona Muse campaigns for Extinction Rebellion


Throughout her decade-long modelling career, Arizona Muse has walked catwalks for Chanel, Prada and Tom Ford, and starred in advertising campaigns for Karl Lagerfeld and Louis Vuitton. Now, however, she is starring in a new video for the climate activist group Extinction Rebellion, challenging viewers to “share, rewear, relove your clothing” and “to rebel against your clothes”. Because, she says to camera, “this season’s must-have is the continuation of life on Earth”.

The video, which is released today, before London fashion week, features animals on the verge of extinction, as well as ice caps melting and wildfires raging. It is the latest attempt by the fashion wing of Extinction Rebellion to challenge an industry that, as Muse puts it, “is in crisis”.

Every year, global emissions from textile production outweigh the carbon footprint of international flights and shipping combined, according to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Between 80 and 100 billion pieces of clothing are made, with £140 million worth of clothing estimated to go into landfill in the UK alone. The fashion industry is also contributing to deforestation and water scarcity.

The new video focuses on consumer responsibility, with Muse explaining: “When we are buying clothes we are making choices about the future of the planet. We’re talking about how you and I are all contributing to climate change.”

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